“Each person is always on the threshold between their inner world and their outer world, between light and darkness, between known and unknown, between question and quest, between fact and possibility. This threshold runs through every experience that we have, and our only real guide to this world is the imagination.” - John O’ Donohue, Irish poet

Barbara Frye was born in Southern California and started using her first camera at the age of nine. Running in and out of the neighborhood cemetery, taking pictures of graves, tree roots, and statuary set in motion her passion for themes of impermanence, refuge, pilgrimage, and contemplation.

By taking her camera into familiar yet often avoided landscapes, Barbara offers herself, the viewer, and fine art collector a moment of reflection, and provokes a personal inner dialogue about life and death, grief and hope, and memory and presence.

Her mission is to promote funeral photography as an acceptable way for family and friends to celebrate and remember a beloved life once lived.  

Barbara Frye is a fine art landscape and funeral photographer based near Zurich, Switzerland. Her work has been exhibited in group shows in the U.S. and Europe and will be featured in a two-person exhibition in Switzerland the Fall of 2020. Reach out to Barbara by using her contact form or at barbfrye@hotmail.com