Thank you for visiting this section of my website. You may be wondering why I am interested in funeral photography, so let me share some thoughts.

Most of us like to hold on to what we perceive as permanent. We embrace the ones we love, hoping that this hug will not be the last. But the last breath is inevitably taken, and we are left with the truth of impermanence. I believe in the vulnerable, tender, and compassionate nature of humanity, especially when gathered to mourn and reflect on the life of a loved one.  

With this belief in mind, I am privileged to honor those who have passed through respectful and discreet fine art documentary style photography. Whether traditional funeral or alternative ritual, each situation is tailored to meet the needs of the family. I bring a personal commitment of respect, compassion, and integrity to individuals of all beliefs; spiritual, religious, and secular, wanting to visually capture the last commemoration of a beloved life lived. Working non-intrusively and from a distance, I capture the vulnerability, kindness, and authenticity of the day.

Influenced by my personal experience of loss, I approach my art with a keen sense of mindfulness and introspection. I consider each unique ritual and the people present a source of healing and reflection. Using photography as a contemplative practice, my imagery lends compassion to the process of loss and grief, and offers an intimate view into the shared humanity of the cycle of life.

When attending funerals or memorial services of any kind, one element is missing which is present in all other life events such as births, baptisms, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries. This missing elements is the presence of a photographer. Our culture tells us that documenting the joyful milestones of life is acceptable, but when it comes to loss and grief photography is distasteful. Yet, when asked, many people say they wish they had photographs from their loved one’s funeral day. Having photographed my own parents’ funerals, I am intimately aware of how looking through those photos, months or even years later, can continue the healing process.

I imagine a culture where photography is included in the way society mourns, celebrates and remembers the life of a beloved one. If you are interested in my funeral photography service, please contact me through my contact page, or barbfrye@hotmail.com